"Creative reuse for arts & education..."

A reuse store for the crafty educator & artist, for the homeschool family, and childcare provider…. For the student and thrifty environmentalist, the bargain-seeker and treasure hunter.


The Sharing Tree is an reusable resource center that collects and redistributes reusable materials to the community while simultaneously providing education and inspiration in creative reuse so that we may be a healthier, more sustainable and creative community.

The Sharing Tree is a true resource. Providing a hub and diverting materials from the landfill while also offering supplies to educators, artists, and the broader learning community for pennies on the dollar. All artists and non-profit organizations can shop here and spend 1/10 of the price compared to a local corporate market while also feeling good about supporting a local non-profit and keeping materials from our local landfill…The Sharing Tree should be your first stop.

Now, conveniently located in MIDTOWN!

Since opening in August of 2010, The Sharing Tree has given away over $250,000 worth of classroom materials to local educators.

Since the beginning The Sharing Tree has diverted over 400,000 pounds of materials from the local landfill…and this is a modest (very modest) estimate!!


We hope that you can visit soon to donate, volunteer, or shop at Leon County’s unique-one and only creative reuse store!!




The Sharing Tree has recently relocated to Midtown!

We are thrilled to invite you to our new home located at 218 East 3rd Avenue, in the heart of Midtown. We are located between Kool Beanz Cafe & Masa. For a map or directions, click here.

Call us at (850) 264-4035




A reusable resource center is undoubtedly good for our environment, educators, community, and creativity.

With hundreds of centers all over the country, reusable resource centers offer invaluable resources and inspiration to communities.

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